Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun! Goodbye 2014, thank you for everything!

OK, It's time to stop procrastinating and get to this thing already..

For the past, Oh I don't know, 5 years ( I think) a group of us write "A year in review" type of letters to, well, whoever wants to read it. It's a chance for us to reflect on the positives, and negatives of the year we've had.
I've been trying to think of what to write, because honestly...nothing happened this year. It flew by actually. I feel like I JUST sat down to write last year's letter.

I've heard time flies when you're having fun. Maybe that's why this year flew by. I wasn't weighed down by stress. Worrying about bills, money, rent, food.
In January Vince got a really good job, paying awesomely. We were able to pay bills, rent, and have fun "play" money after all that was said and done. But the hours were a horror. He was working 10-12 hour shifts, up to 7 days a week. He was never home, he was tired when he was. It wasn't worth it.
Well it didn't last long. We had a HUGE snowstorm that took out some train tracks ( he worked unloading cargo/freight from trains/trucks) which caused a temporary layoff for most employees. Since he was the last hire, he was first to get laid off. After weeks of this happening, it came down to needing to find another job. On a whim, he called an old employer. The place he had his first "real" job when he was 19, They were hiring....he got a job.
It doesn't pay a ton, there aren't any benefits, but dammit, he's happy. He has a Mon-Fri type job, we get to see him more, and have weekends! It's awesome. Bills are paid, rent is paid. We don't have a lot of "play" money....well...none at all, but that doesn't matter.

Since then, things have been flying. Summer came and went, nothing big to speak of there, except the heat, which was God awful and lasted way too long.
Halloween came and went too fast. The girls were Elsa/Anna, and were adorable.
Thanksgiving was great! And Xmas, oh Xmas was the best it's been in Forever.
Every year I get a job at a kiosk at the mall. Selling fun/funky socks! Last year most of that money went to bills and helping with what I could. But this year, we were OK financially that I got to take almost everything I made and put it towards Xmas fun and gifts. Riley got her first experience with Santa and what it looks like when the big guy puts gifts under the tree. Although...we made the big gifts from us, cause to hell with him getting the credit for the cool things!
And now here we are, on New Years Eve. The house is clean, the kids are happy. Vince is on his way home from work. We are going to order a ( cheap ) pizza and watch a movie while we wait to watch the ball drop in Times Square before going to bed.

I don't normally make "Resolutions", to me, it's something that's forgotten by March, and regretted by December. So I'm not making resolutions. I'm making myself a promise.

I promise to focus on ME next year. I spend way too much time worrying about everyone else, making sure everyone else is happy. But it's time to make sure I'm happy. I want to get healthy, start being comfortable in my skin. I want work on not only my body, but my brain. I'm going to study and save some $$ to get my G.E.D., and apply for grants for school. I want to be a better mom/wife wherever I can be, and work on some hobbies I've been wanting to dip my toes into ( Drawing, Sewing, Crocheting, etc) 2015 is going to be all about me. Which is weird...but I'm making a public promise to myself, that no matter what this new year throws my way....I refuse to put myself on the back burner.

No excuses. That'll be my theme :)

This is probably the shortest End Of Year letter I've ever written, but I'm OK with that. That means nothing too big happened this year. And in my opinion that's a good thing. Nothing big stands out.
We are happy, everyone is healthy. We have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and another year of happy memories ahead of us!

On to 2015, where hopefully our good fortune will continue, and I can start working on me, and stop worrying about everyone else!

I guess 365 days from now, when I'm writing the next letter, we'll see how I did!

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