Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oops, I got inspired!

I'm depressed!
There, I said it. Whenever someone lately asks me "what's wrong", my automatic, robot answer is "Nothing, I'm just tired, hungry ( insert excuse here)"
But I am...I've been depressed the last few weeks, and I could easily tell you all the reasons...i.e Money, Exhaustion, my lack of a social life...etc..but honestly, the biggest reason, is my weight. And I know I recently blogged about it, so I'm not going to bore anyone with details, about how I have a food addiction I can't kick, I have a lack of energy for working out, and a sheer lack of motivation for me to get going with a healthy lifestyle....Until I watched a movie recently.
Yeah I know, What? You watched a movie, and now you're all gung-ho about losing weight?
And my simple answer is...YES.

I was bored and well, depressed a few weeks back, trying to find something to watch on Netflix, to help an  hour or two pass without me realizing it. That way I was an hour or two closer to going to bed. (Pathetic...I know) But I saw this movie I've had in my queue forever, called "Fat, Sick and nearly Dead" so I thought...what the hell..maybe THIS will be the thing that changes my life, and low and behold, I think it did! Total cliche I realize that, but it really did.

In the documentary, a man named Joe Cross, came to America ( From Australia) to do a juice fast for 60 days, because he was unhealthy, over weight, and just well, out of whack. I watched his journey across America talking to people, and letting them know what he was doing and what they thought about it. He was drinking nothing but juice for 60 days, and not store bought crap. Home made, juice. It takes a ton of veggies and fruit to get a cup of juice, so ultimately, you're eating a lot of veggies and fruit, but losing weight and becoming healthier, because you're detoxing your body of all the crap you put into it on a daily basis.
 It was interesting, but then he met this man named Phil, at a truck stop, who was suffering from the same thing he was, medically. Phil was over 400 lbs and a truck driver. After a bit, he called Joe for help, he wanted to lose weight and be healthy, so Joe helped him get started on this juice fast. Phil not only lost weight, and got healthy, but he inspired a whole town to jump on the bandwagon and do this.
After the movie was over, and I caught myself in tears, because a lot of what they said in the movie, I could relate with. Vince came out and we talked and he said with no doubt in his voice
"I think you could do that. I really believe if you put your mind to it, you could do that too"
I am.
I've been planning this for over a month, bought a juicer, collected a ton of juice recipes, and have saved up money to be able to afford my "food".
I start on the first of April. I know, from what I've been reading, the first few days are going to be sucky, because ultimately, I'm detoxing, resetting my stomach, body and brain to not think it needs all the crap I eat. And then after a few days, you feel awesome. I'm hoping as a result, I'll start to have more energy, which will lead to excersizing more. Even if it's a brisk walk around the block with the kids, or a trip to the mall, to walk the parameter.
I will be fasting until the first of June! It's a big challenge, I'm actually scared I'm going to fail. I have a habit of starting something new, and cool, and then as quickly as I start it, I decide it's not for me. But I'm making it a point, that no matter how hard it gets, I'm not stopping, I NEED to prove not only to everyone, but mostly myself, that I CAN do something, I CAN follow through. I'll probably be blogging a bit, just so I feel like I'm chatting with an old friend!
I'm hoping this works. I'm really excited to start a new chapter in my life, and be able to take a before/after pic for the first time in my life ( I've always been a "before" pic lol)
Tomorrow I go shopping for the produce, and Sunday is the big day! I hope this helps rid me of my depression. I hope this starts a journey, that I can look back on and say " I NEVER want to be that big again"

P.S. here's the link to Joe's website, if you're interested at all in checking this out. I highly reccomend watching the movie if you have Netflix or Hulu, if for nothing more than to kill an hour and a half...after all, that's all I wanted to do (^_^)
If you want info on Joe, or his movie...Click here

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