Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 : Guinevere

Day 2:  

Every parent likes to think their child is extraordinary. But in my case, I know my little girl is. She's the little girl that makes you proud to be a parent. She's the girl that makes you wonder what it is you did right.
Ever since Riley was born, we have asked a lot of Guin. She's always ready and willing to help play with the baby, when I need a break. She makes a bottle like a pro, and has gotten very good at packing a diaper bag when I need an extra set of hands. She never complains, in fact, she always asks what else you need.
One time she saved up her money for a toy ( tooth fairy, small allowance when we can afford it, any little change she's collected or found), never spend a dime. I think she ended up having close to $13.
We went to the store, it was snowing out, close to Xmas. And as we got closer to the Walmart doors, we heard that familiar sound you hear every Xmas, the jingling of the bells from the Salvation Army people with the red bucket. This man was an elderly man, in a wheelchair, wearing a little Santa hat, and a smile.  She stopped and stared, and asked me why he was out in the cold, ringing a bell. I explained what it is they do...collect money for people who have no home, or no food, and help them, with clothing, food, toys for kids, things like that. She smiled and said "Wow, he must get paid a lot of money to sit out here" I told her he doesn't. He's a volunteer, which means he willingly comes out, when he has free time, because this is something he believes in, and wants to help people who are in trouble. The wheels in her head started turning, she reached into her purse, and pulled out her little wallet. She walked over to the man, put money in the bucket, and said Merry Christmas. She walked back over to me, and I asked her how much she gave him ( thinking it was a couple cents, or a dollar) She told me she gave him everything. She had no business enjoying a new toy, when there were people out in the cold.
Needless to say my heart melted. I don't know what I did so right to raise such a good kid. But she was just as happy as she would've been had she gotten her toy. She felt good knowing she helped someone out. And now every year since then, she always carries anything she can in her wallet, around Xmas time, just in case she sees the "bell ringers".
That same year we were strapped for money. Vince was out of work, and it was very tight in the house. Xmas is always a big holiday for me. Even if we can't afford presents and stockings, I still try to teach her that the holidays are more than just for getting gifts. It's for being thankful for what you have. A roof over your head. Food to eat at night, and especially a family that loves you. I sat her down one night to tell her we weren't going to be able to afford much, if anything for her, and she said " Mama, you told me Xmas isn't about gifts, it's about being thankful. I have my whole family here to celebrate Xmas with....that's all I need for Xmas"
The other day she had her first ice skating lesson. She was nervous, and was afraid to get out on the ice. After she did, she was amazing. I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom, I'm saying that because it's true. No one believed it was her first time on the ice, she had so much fun, and to top it off,  right after her first lesson, a little girl and  her mom got on the ice. The little girl was a little "slow", and was afraid to let go of the wall. Guin skated right up to her, taught her how to fall so she didn't get hurt, and helped that little girl learn how to skate. Within 10 min, she had her off the wall and skating around in the center of the rink. The mom had a huge smile on her face, and was so proud her little girl was skating. Keep in mind, Guin had just learned no more than 30 min prior to this, how to skate herself. It was awesome to watch. To see MY little girl out there, brightening someone's day, helping someone who needed the help.

I am so thankful for my daughter. She is one of my favorite people in the world! And I am proud to be her Mama :)

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  1. Awww...I squirted some tears on that one! I feel the same way about Trin. I know I've said this before, but we seriously need to get our girls together. They would have so much fun!!