Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 3: Coffee

                     Day 3:

I am thankful for coffee. It's so simple. We all take it for granted (well, those of us that drink it) its always there to greet me in the morning, like an old friend. During the day when I need a pick me up, its there. I can put it in baked goods, or eat the beans raw. Some relationships are started over a good cup of coffee. When you haven't seen your friends in a while, you suggest "hey, let's catch up over a cup of coffee" and when I get to have a day away from home, to go out in the world alone and just think, relax, I sit on the patio of some hole in the wall cafe, put on my headphones and get lost in the aroma of my surroundings . You can always have it the same (for me, its black) or you can change it up, cream, no sugar, light, soy, flavors. My husband even works for a coffee roasting company. He comes home and I breathe him in. Coffee has always been around me in happy times, in sad times, in friendly times. I am thankful to be able to have this comforting drink, everyday. 

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