Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fight for your PAR-TAY!

I don't talk about it too often...but one of my favorite things to do in this world ( aside from Baking, Cooking and writing) is planning a party.
It's usually chaotic, I'm usually stressed out to the max until the party is done. Wondering if everyone will have fun, Did everyone get enough to eat, Did I talk too much, too little...etc.
But in the end, it always ends up being great. I had a blast, and can't wait to do it again.

Over the years I've gotten good at finding my own things to make. This year my daughter wanted a Monster High theme ( for her friends party) and a Doctor Who theme ( for the family dinner), talk about diverse! But I did it.

The skating party was great, even though I couldn't find a lot of Monster High things ( leave it to my kid to pick the one theme that was hardest to find) so we improvised! I made awesome cupcakes ( if I do say so myself), everyone scarfed down what they could fit in their faces.

 The kids skated on the skating rink for hours, my hubby and brother even got out there with my dad to play with the kids, and chase each other around the rink! In the end, I was scared...this was the first year we had a "out of the house party" with new friends, new parents....I was so nervous. But I got nothing but rave reviews when we were done!

Then tonight was Guin's actual birthday. We planned for Vince ( hubby) to take her out, to distract her so I could get things done here. Vince took her to see Wreck it Ralph as a surprise, they also went to Wonderland to play on arcade games until I called them back home. When they returned home...this is what she saw....

(I bought a blur vinyl tablecloth at the dollar store, along with some construction paper, and well...this is the result) 

She had to walk through the TARDIS door to get into the house. At which point she found everything decorated in Doctor Who colors...along with English pub food ( Scotch Eggs and Fish n' Chips). We dressed fancy ( cause they are "fancy" in England), everyone sported a homemade bow ties ( because they're cool!) And for dessert we had...

FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD! ( we even used authentic custard powder from Europs...cause we're awesome like that) We all talked in English accents and drank from wine glasses ( this is how I imagine all Europe to be like! lol) 

It was an awesome night. We had a blast, and all the stress I spent worrying about these two parties, were quickly put aside when I realized I did good :) 

I LOVE planning parties! The sad truth is, I don't have many friends to throw parties for/with. So I shall spend my time, waiting for my kids to have birthdays! Maybe someday I will throw that awesome Halloween party I've been dreaming of forever. Or a fun Xmas party. Or heck, even a "Just cause I want to " party! 

I love this kind of thing! Now if only I could get a paid gig, hosting themed parties.....That would be the life! 


  1. We are two peas in a pod, my friend. I think when Caleb finally pops the question to Chrissie, you & I join forces and throw a bachelorette party the likes of which has never been seen!!!!!

  2. There will be stories about us...they will talk about the party for generations. In fact, our party, will be the party, they base all others on!