Sunday, November 20, 2011

A love/hate relationship

There is one website in this world, that is simultaneously addicting, yet annoying...and that's Craigslist. And I'll tell you why.....

We have a baby on the way, as most of you know. We don't however, have a bankroll, like most people think you should have when having a child. Yes, we probably should have more money than we do ( which is anything) but we're getting by on what we can, friends helping out, as well as using my brain to find deals, and get help, where help is offered.

Every once in a while, I will click the linky putter inner box thing ( y'all know what I'm talking about) and my fingers will do a little dance on the keyboard. Before I know it, I'm whisked away to Portland, OR Craigslist. The cursor instinctively goes to the FOR SALE section and clicks the FREE tab. I start to scroll...hoping that I will find that ONE treasure in all of Criagslist land. That ONE thing you're specifically there looking for. It will be in the free section and when I write an email to the "Seller" I will get a fast response, at which point I will jump in my van, and drive to the location given to me in the responding email ( like a secret mission sent to me by the head of a secret division of the government) I will get to said location, vacate the car, walk up to the door, where I will be greeted by happy, helpful people, with smiles on their faces, and warmth in their hearts. I will get my "goods" and head back home, happy, and feeling successful. Ready to jump back onto the magical website, to locate more treasures.

However...that is not how it goes. Ever. Ok...maybe once or twice, I have gotten lucky, and have been able to find what I'm looking for.
What usually happens is, I will log in, click the link for FREE things, where I'm hounded by ads for free concrete ( who really ever says THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR!!) random things found in a basement/garage/attic etc, old couches, some mattresses (with questionable stains), etc. Sometimes, I will miraculously see what I'm looking for, the ad looks too good to be true (because it usually is) so I'll write to the "Seller" letting them know my situation, as though there is some secret contest the person is holding. I'll click send, and sit, and wait....and wait...and wait...sometimes for days. Now one of three things will happen.

#1 This ad was true, I was the first person to write in response to the ad, they will respond with the address and a time where I can pick up the stuff. Commense above fantasy of a Mission:Impossible scenario.

#2 I won't hear anything. Ever. It's like my email went into oblivion. Email Limbo.

#3 (this one is my favorite) I WILL get a response. From someone who is soo sorry that they didn't see my email, they already told someone they could have the articles they were trying to get rid of, so I can have them if I still want them. At which point, I'll say yes, only to get another response, apologizing because the first person ended up coming through, but if I am in a tough spot, I can click this amazing link, that will take me to a website, where I can sign up for a work at home job.

First of all...don't try to sell me your bullshit about a "work at home" job. If you're going to scam people into thinking you have something for free, then lets put up a FREE TV, or FREE VIDEO GAME SYSTEM. Not baby items. Not household goods. Not things that people in need...need. That's low. Get my hopes up! "OMGosh I found that THING I was looking for...maybe, just maybe it'll be mine" and them BAM...more scam link crap that I can find anywhere on the internet...however...was NOT looking for here! Sell your crap to someone else.

Second...If you have an ad up. And you get rid of the stuff. Either A: Take the ad down, it no longer exists or B: write the people back that wrote to you, and let them know, it's gone. It's the least you can do.

I get sick of the free section for a I try the actual BABY&KIDS selling link. At that point, I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, giving up on society and people in general.
You want HOW much for a USED car seat?? $75? A used Crib? $200? Bottles? $50 Give me a break. Your child spit up in, peed in, pooped in, sweated in, dropped their bottle in these things (aside from the bottle, but you know what I mean) and you want me to pay MORE than I would for the same thing, but new?

When did people become all about money? When did help fly out the window? I know I'll have stuff left over after Riley is too big for it. And I plan on turning around and helping someone out that needs it. Not saying the item I've been using is worth over $100! Because...I'M NOT INSANE!

And after all that, the blood pressure raising. The headache, the stress....I keep going back to the site.
Because maybe...just maybe....that one treasure WILL be there. The One time I don't check.

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