Tuesday, November 8, 2011

R.I.P old friend.....

Years ago, you could sit me in front of a computer. I would stare at the black DOS screen (yes, I'm that old) and a blinking curser, and know exactly what I wanted to do! Type in some cool magical command and I was off into some game which I thought was amazing, it had very little graphics, and cheesy ass fun "music"...and I was entertained for hours.
Today...we lost our internet. And now my (almost) new computer sits on my desk....useless. *poof* its now one of the most expensive paper weights in the world! I sit and stare at it, clicking icons that take me to screens that say "cannot open, no internet". I could mess around on paint. I could dink around on itunes, I could play solitare.....b-b-but what if I think of a song I don't have that I want to download. Or if I want to update my facebook status, so I have an excuse not to clean, or if I think of something that I could look up in a book, but would rather use the speed of Google Chrome?? This day in age, what is a computer good for....if it has no internet?
Until we fix you....Rest In Peace old friend.

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