Thursday, November 3, 2011

There shall be TWO today

Since I forgot to post yesterday *slaps hand* I shall post two today!
I am sitting patiently waiting for my Sister to get here!
I am going to Grants Pass, OR for the weekend! I have a second baby shower on Friday, and Saturday is my Birthday! I get to spend it with one of my favorite people in the whole world!

Even if all we do is sit on our asses, and watch movies,  it will be an amazing vacation!
The car ride down there alone will be a blasty blast! I got some fun playlist's to burn, mostly songs that I'm embarrassed to say I know the ones...we all have them. You're driving down the street, blasting some teeny bopper song, or horrible a 80's ballad, belting your best impression of the singer out when you come to a red light. You know how to tell you are embarrassed to be listening to the music you are listening to??'ve turned down the music, just in case the person next to you has their window down just a little bit. Yeah, I have a entire playlist's with THAT kind of music! Only...when we're together, I don't care about what other people think...because we're having fun! Once...we pulled up next to a car full of scary thugger guys, as we were blasting Fergie...we just kept on-a-rappin' lol we got some weird looks, and some laughs..but we didn't get shot, and that was a bonus!
We always have some adventure together and I'm thankful that she's going out of her way , to drive all the way up here to pick my broke ass up, so I can enjoy a weekend away...just relaxing and having a good time with my Sister

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