Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Excuses!

Happy NaBloPoMo time!!
Ya know....
I'm happy with this year's theme. Last year, in November, I had to write a novel. Well....I didn't HAVE to, I chose to. But after week one, I was over it. I'm not great at writing stories. I'm better at putting my own thoughts down onto paper, or in this case, blog post.
But I think that's why I love writing scripts. I can have a conversation with myself, and no one thinks any different. The conversations can change from day to day, and it works...cause that's how it's supposed to flow.
The same goes with this. Someday's I'm funny as hell ( well I like to think so), I repeat my thoughts to my husband at times, and he laughs at me...but in a good way. Someday's I'm low, depressed, and would like to have an "out" (so I pre-apologize for any depressed postings) but once again, I can type what I'm thinking, on a day to day basis, and be happy with it! I can be me, and express everything I'm thinking, and not worry about what people are thinking.
I  try to respect people on my social sites (i.e. Don't post anti-religious stuff, because I know I have friends on here who are religious etc...) But here, in this Blog area..FUCK IT...I'm using this as my soundboard! Don't like it? There is a nifty little red X up in the right hand corner of this screen...click it...And Boom...I'm gone! :)

So I'm going to try my damnedest to stick with this challenge this month. There's no reason I can't. With technology the way it is nowadays, I have this very blog app on my phone, and can blog on the go if I feel the need...or see something worth posting ( with a pic of course) I have a laptop, and a desktop computer. I have paper and pens for when I have thoughts come my way, and for some reason I'm stranded on a desert island, and don't have electricity or a Wi-Fi signal, or...a phone charger! ( God what would the world be like without all that??) There are absolutely no excuses why I can't stick with this, this month, and by George....I'm gonna!



  1. Hey, It's Alex :) I liked your idea so I'm going to do it too ..but on a blog that I've had forever and apparently forgot about. Just click the name link above to get there.

  2. I hear ya. I definitely need the motivation just to keep the words coming. Maybe one of these days I'll finish that book and you your script. We will look back at when NaBloPoMo was the jump off point. Btw. See you tomorrow!